All-Rules Mail Bundle gets a new home

When I first published the All-Rules Mail Bundle more than two years ago and also provided a precompiled binary, I didn’t spend much thought about where to host the binary. Just hosting it on GitHub together with the source seemed an obvious choice. But then GitHub said goodbye to uploads and discontinued their feature to upload binary files.

At this point I have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with their decision. GitHub is a great place to host and share source code and I love what they are doing. But hosting (potentially big) binary files was never the idea behind GitHub, it’s just not what they do. Better stick to your trade, do one thing and do it well. Hence the search for a new home began. It’s important to remember that cool URIs don’t change, so the new home for the All-Rules Mail Bundle binary better be permanent, which is why I decided to host the binary on my own server. Also the staggering number of 51 downloads over the past two years reassured me that my available bandwidth could handle the traffic.

Where to get the bundle

The source code repository will of course remain on GitHub and its location is unchanged. Only the location of the binary package has changed and moved off GitHub. The usual amount of URL craftsmanship should allow you to reach previous versions of the binary package.

Note that I also took this opportunity to compile a new version 0.2 binary package. This version contains all the compatibility updates I made over the past two years and is compatible with several environments up to the following.

  • Max OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.4
  • Mail Application 6.5
  • Message Framework 6.5

As always, your feedback is very much appreciated and I am looking forward to the next fifty or so downloads.

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